X-Plane v9 Downloads

Russian Il-76 aircraft in X-Plane version 9.

Russian Il-76 aircraft in X-Plane version 9.

X-Plane v9 was the first next generation version of the software that was as good as Microsoft Flight Simulator X in terms of graphics ability.  Having said that, it isn't as close as the now released v10 of the software which most will agree excels FSX in terms of graphics ability and functionality.

X-Plane has always been focused more on realism and on high performance and even commercial based simulation scenarios.  For example, the way Flight Simulator X decides on airplane physics in flight is very limited and is programmed by commands while the X-Plane system is completely dynamic and even take the shape of the aircraft model into consideration when generating flight physics.  This is why 3D model designers and corporate simulator products often use X-Plane as their base platform.

While there is still a demand for X-Plane v9 downloads, we are focusing more on the latest v11 and v10 (which can be found here).  Many users still run X-Plane 9 and downloads will be added here as they come in.  While designers of aircraft and scenery for v9 still exist, their focus is more on v10.

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