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IFR Difficult Approaches Now On DVD

Posted on Thu, 14 Aug 2003 22:40:54 GMT
Videoflyrec announces the availability on DVD of their video IFR Difficult Approaches. This video teaches instrument flying techniques using flightsim and the DreamFleet Boeing 737, with instruction provided by a real 737 pilot. For details, click on Read More.
Madrid, SPAIN (Aug 13th 2003)--VIDEOFLYREC is pleased to announce that its "IFR DIFFICULT APPROACHES" video is available for purchase. The video is in DVD format and has been produced by a real 737 pilot and television professionals.

The video is spectacular. After a brief introduction, the way to execute diverse and complicated approaches is explained step by step using different aircraft, from the default Cessna Caravan to DreamFleet's GA 737.

 Nine challenging approaches explained in full detail and with plenty of graphics. With the quality and professionalism that has characterized all of Videoflyrec's productions. Don't forget that behind the scenes is Marcos Arranz as technical director, a real ATPL who flies the 737, and a team of TV professionals. The way real pilots execute these approaches are explained in a clear and simple manner.

In the video we will see classic approaches as Funchal Airport VOR  DME approach using DreamFleet's 737. A full autoland at Gatwick. Lesser known approaches but difficult approaches which you will be able to perfectly thanks to Marcos Arranz's explinations.

Videoflyrec is a Spanish company specializing in flightsim videos for flightsim enthusists. To show true aeronautical procedures which the viewer can recreate in the simulator. After the success of the "Greatest Airliners 737" and "Basic Training" videos, Videoflyrec now offers its flightsim videos on DVD.

 Visit our new and redesigned website and watch the promotional video. If you like what you see you may purchase the whole video DVD directly at our website. The video is available in English and Spanish and in PAL and NTSC video formats.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn how to shoot an approach like a pro.



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