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Announcing FSWeekend 2008

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Originally posted on Tue, 24 Mar 2009 00:00:00 GMT

We are proud to announce that the next event will be held 1 & 2 November 2008 in the Aviodrome.  At this great weekend many participants are showcasing all aspects in the world of Flight Simulation.

As one of the biggest international flight simulation events in the world, FSWeekend has been running since 2000 and has been one of the most enjoyable experiences for many a flight simulation fan for many years.

With more than 400 commercial and non-commercial flight simulation experts, modders, personnel and creators all on standby to give you promotional gifts, free tips and advice and sneak peeks at the upcoming products in the near future, you can enjoy some of the most entertaining flight simulation experiences that you are likely to come across anywhere.

FSWeekend 2008

There’s more than 30 flight simulation club booths held every single year, giving everyone the chance to get involved in the action and really see how the best handle their simulation experience.

There was plenty to see at the 2008 edition, giving you access to several different sections of the flight simulation world. Many civil flight clubs were on show such as Hcc Flight Simulation, the Dutch Flight Network and even the HAAG Landen Flight Simulator Group. As some of the most respected names on the circuit, they brought a wide selection of visitors to their stalls to see some of the most professional and enjoyable flight simulation around.

However, 2008 was a real weekend for the editors. Geniuses like FSBus and Radius Design were here, along with ProSim4U. They provided plenty of new features and additions that were being produced in 2008. The cockpit creators are some of the well-respected as the actual function and capacity to fly the aircraft is one of the most important parts of actually using a flight simulator, so it’s these guys that make the experience that little bit more engrossing for everyone.

Additionally, software suppliers and cockpit hardware builders were on show with the likes of Simkits and Flyware all producing some of the finest content at the 2008 show. This let everyone see the latest changes in avionics over the year, and gave sneak previews at many of the upcoming changes within the flight simulation community.

You even got the editorial side of things getting involved, with websites like, PC Pilot and getting involved to deliver a truly exceptional editorial performance. This let everyone see what the latest upcoming editions would be promoting, including interviews with people who were actually at the FSWeekend!

For anyone who wants to take their flight simulation experience to the next level, they should really consider going to the 2015 edition of the FSWeekend. It’s one of the most enjoyable flight simulation experiences around and lets you really see how some of the most serious members of the community work and operate their aircraft.

You can pick up new tips, great new content and buy up packages for the latest mods and releases ahead of time at these conventions, too. Flight simulation attracts fans from all across the world, so the location of the FSWeekend changes each year – make sure that you follow the 2015 updates at the FSWeekend website! 

Two days of demos, networking with other flightsimmers, the latest FS products and a fantastic Museum is the setting for a great experience.

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