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Stories for September 2009

Archived news articles, stories, reviews and editorials for September 2009

Fly Away launch in Spanish784702009-09-28
Eagle Sim Releases Mitchell Airfield for FSX576202009-09-28
BearStudios Announces Project 10635502009-09-28
New FSX Scenery From NMG Trading487902009-09-22
Flight1 Software Releases Heli Traffic 2009679102009-09-22
MikeMax - Groom Lake Area 51 scenery for FS2004 released1883102009-09-22
Classics Hangar - FW 190 A Early Variants Released1626742009-09-22
AeroFiles - Vagar Airport Scenery For X-Plane Released1094552009-09-18
Astrasim Expo Receives A Big Thumbs Up376802009-09-18
IVAO Announces French Polynesia Welcome To Paradise Event443302009-09-18
FS2Crew PMDG MD-11 Edition Released723702009-09-18
Visual Approach - Flavours of Flight: Sailplaning video560902009-09-18
IRIS - Pro Series Vulcan B.2 Released775102009-09-18
AIM Releases St. Clair County Air Show scenery671902009-09-18
Military Helicopters 2 from Abacus now available1289802009-09-18
Space Shuttle Mission 2007 Major Service Pack 3.0 Released102903.662009-09-18
UASO Launch Notification - Titan-34D Rocket Preparing For Maiden Voyage557502009-09-18
The Virtual Specialty Show returns371702009-09-18
MiG 29 released by AFS Design954602009-09-18
Photo Real Perth X Night/Day Released778302009-09-16
Virtual Airline Premier Airways Opens KMCI799232009-09-16
IYP Supports The Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia625202009-09-16
GoFlight Releases GF Config v1.81729002009-09-16
IVAO Real Flight Event Greece and Turkey505802009-09-16
Classics Hangar Release Fw 190 A - The Early Variants2194152009-09-16
Deltasim - Smit Rotterdam Heavy Tug for FSX released1330352009-09-16
X-Plane Racing For iPhone Is Here893702009-09-15
German Airports 3 Hamburg released by Aerosoft1064802009-09-15
Papua New Guinea FSX scenery released by Pacific Islands Simulation2404852009-09-15
State Of Oregon Scenery for X-Plane 9 released by RealScenery1825052009-09-15
Instant Mission Maker Update announced by Flight1914502009-09-15
Abacus - F-14D Super Tomcat Released917802009-09-15
JetPit - A New Control Panel by VRinsight923802009-09-14
Unity Security Force Celebrates Record Operational Tempo395702009-09-14
Traffic X Tutorial Available997202009-09-14
Taburet - US Virgin Islands FSX Scenery released1094002009-09-14
RDJ Simulation - Bigfoot Adventures FSX Missions released739402009-09-14
Your Scenery MCAS Cherry Point FSX scenery released1017102009-09-14
Just Flight Air Hauler Announced808332009-09-14
Aerosoft Releases F-16 Fighting Falcon X Mission Pack831802009-09-13
Flight1 Releases Fokker 70/1001051352009-09-13
Jetline Systems Launches Xjett 795 Core i7 Flight Simulation PC1039102009-09-13
WW2 Pacific Missions released by RDJ Simulation76544.662009-09-13
AirTrafficFX Version 2.0 Released493202009-09-13
Flight Replicas FSX J-3 Cub Released733202009-09-13
Atlantic Northeast Virtual Airline Relaunch979702009-09-13
Texans and Harvards Vol. 1 released by Sky Unlimited439902009-09-13
Sandspit X Airport scenery released by Captain Keith501602009-09-13
Delivery Guy - Sky Diver 2009 Released889012009-09-13
Aruba X Photomesh scenery by SyDesigns now available for FSX624602009-09-13
Nantes Atlantique International scenery for FSX/FS2004 released by France VFR1139452009-09-13
Saab 91 Safir for FSX/FS2004 released by Just Flight854302009-09-13
New Airport And Navaid Data Available For X-Plane784852009-09-13
TransOceanic Virtual Airlines Grand Opening700602009-09-13
Pilatus PC-12 for FSX/FS2004 released by FS2X884152009-09-13
HMS King George V released for FSX by Deltasim Studio1144402009-09-13
FS Flight Keeper released by Aerosoft744302009-09-13
FS2X Release Garmin G1000 for FSX/FS20041204152009-09-13
Wings of Power 3: P-47 Razorback Released809902009-09-13
X-Plane Extreme is released for iPhone1126552009-09-13
VRInsight HAT-Track announced720202009-09-13
Manhattan X scenery announced by Aerosoft437702009-09-13
Space Shuttle Mission 2007 release Spacelab-J STS-47 mission444802009-09-13
Sz-Flight Data Recorder V1.1 Released484202009-09-13
Traffic Sounds FSX Extreme Edition 2009634902009-09-13
Remote FMS for FSX released568202009-09-13
Genius MetalStrike Force Feedback Joystick840012009-09-13
FSBreak audio flight simulator podcast announced302802009-09-13
BearStudios Announce The MiG-17 SP3 & MiG-15 SP3648402009-09-13
AFS Design - Airbus A380 v2 Released951402009-09-13
AFS Design - Tornado X Released644602009-09-13
AI Flight Planner Version 1.6 released1199712009-09-13
NMG Trading Releases Southern Africa Navigation Beacons 2009296302009-09-13
Zinertek Ultimate Weather FX Released555702009-09-13
Imaginesim KIAD (Washington Dulles) scenery for FSX Released1046302009-09-13
Abacus Military Helicopters 2 released1775502009-09-13
Microsoft Closes ACES Studios181503.662009-09-13
Saitek Aviator Joystick for Xbox and PC now released606102009-09-13
Announcing Genix FS Streaming COMM381402009-09-13
Blind and Visually Impaired Pilots Use It's Your Plane and Flight Simulator676202009-09-13
Wilco Announces Aviation & Mission for 737 Pilot in Command817702009-09-13
eDimensional Releases AudioFX2 Force Feedback Gaming Headset497402009-09-13
Premier Virtual News491602009-09-13
Flight1 Present New BF109 Video515702009-09-11
FSWidgets Releases GMap 1.1 with chart support383502009-09-11
757 Captain Tutorial by Just Flight Released716202009-09-11
10 New Models Added to the Walkera Edition of PRE-Flight404802009-09-11
Intermap Technologies and FS Dreamscapes add Germany to NEXTMap ProMesh571002009-09-11
Atlantic International Virtual Announce opening577602009-09-11
3D Holographic Projection - The Future of Advertising?1233664.752009-09-10
AirwaySim Online Airline Simulation Released717002009-09-10
TuneVNAV Descent Pro3 v3.2 Released415902009-09-10
Razbam announce Project Scorpion246702009-09-10
SEA CheckList Manager Update Released411902009-09-10
Saitek Cyborg X Flight Stick Now Available299314.752009-09-08
World Flight Event Raises Over $30,000358402009-09-08
Air Mokum Virtual Airline News496902009-09-08

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