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Short review by Excalibur Publishing of their own release, Farming Simulator 2011.  Strap on your wellies and prepare yourself for some agricultural fun. If the thought of running your own farm intrigues you, then watch this for a taste of what you can expect in farming simulator 2011 platinum edition, published by Excalibur publishing.

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Have you ever fancied the career as an agriculturalist? Strapping on your best pair of wellington boots and making a living off the land? Well, great news because we now have Farming Simulator 2011 Platinum Edition for the PC, brought to you by Excalibur publishing.

Let's just quickly talk about the objective of the game from the original farming simulator 2011. You're a farmer, obviously, and you begin with a small range of equipment to get you started. However, your objective is to make enough money to spend on newer and more efficient equipment.

So, you have at your disposal a few dozen vehicles and a wide range of implements to help achieve your goals; whether it's harvesting corn, sowing seeds, feeding cows, and even selling stock. So, that's the basic of Farming Simulator 2011, but the Platinum Edition is just right around the corner, so, what new offerings has it got for us?

Well, it allows you to purchase new equipment and trailers that you can use to perform your duties. There are over 20 new pieces of content which add to the game. These range from new plows, new sowing machines, to even useful trailers such as mobile fuel tanks and water tanks which definitely help if you need the quick refill or if your plants need rehydrating. Chances are you'll have plenty to do and more than enough equipment to do it with.

But, one of the main things that the Platinum addition adds is that it's now got even greener, which allows you to use new resources to get a slice of extra money from Mother Nature. If you pop into the farming shop, you'll see a list of buildings ranging from bee houses to wind turbines. Once you select to purchase one of these items, the camera launches itself up in the air and you can look down at the farm.

Now, here's the exciting bit. Rather just being told where to place your buildings, you can put them wherever you like. Fancy a line of solar panels? Do it. If you want to create a complex of greenhouses, it's your choice. It's a great way of managing the farm from a top-down perspective which has been seen in countless managing games, but it also allows you to feel as though you're in greater control of your farm.

There are 2 ways to get this title. The first is a full retail release that includes everything to get you started and secondly, an official add-on that upgrades your copy of Farming Simulator 2011 to Platinum Edition. So, whether you consider yourself an experienced farming simulator enthusiast, or if your interest has just peaked, there is an option available to all.

Excalibur publishing is releasing Farming Simulator 2011 Platinum Edition on the 21st of October, but those looking to get the official add-on will be able to pick it up on the 28th of October.

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