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Announcing Giornata Azzurra Virtuale 2005

Posted on Thu, 07 Jul 2005 20:00:00 GMT

As part of the air show held every five years by the Italian Aerobatic Team "Frecce Tricolori", the Virtual Flying Group and V.I.A.F. - Virtual Italian Air Force, will hold "Giornata Azzurra Virtual 2005" with some 60 PC's networked and operating flight simulators for visitors to use. For full details, click on Read More.

Every 5 years, it is tradition for the Italian Aerobatic Team to celebrate their anniversary at their own home base. September 4th , 2005 will be the date of this great anniversary. The 45th anniversary of the foundation of the Italian Aerobatic team, known as "Frecce Tricolori", celebrated with the Giornata Azzurra 2005 (Blue Day 2005) at Rivolto airbase near Udine, northeast of Italy at just 80Km from Venice.

This event promises to be very special due to the affluence of people from various parts of Italy, Europe and overseas, and due to the participation of many other foreign aerobatic teams, pilots and aircraft. All of this will render the Giornata Azzurra the most important national, and maybe European, air show of the year.

For this event we expect about 500/600,000 people, of which about 1000 will be high-level rank officers and authorities, both national and international, VIP's from sports and show business. National and international television and giornalists will cover this event. The flying program will start at 10 and continue non-stop until 18 o'clock when the Frecce Tricolori will perfom their show.

During the event, always inside the air base, the non-profit association "Virtual Flying Group" - - with the collaboration of another non-profit association "V.I.A.F. - Virtual Italian Air Force" - - have received the approval of the Italian Air Force General Staff and the permission from the 313ø Gruppo Addestramento Acrobatico "Frecce Tricolori" to organize and manage the Giornata Azzurra Virtuale 2005 or G.A.V.2005 (Virtual Blue Day 2005).

V.F.G. and V.I.A.F. will hold G.A.V. 2005 inside a real hardened shelter. There will be about 60/70 personal computers equipped with flight simulators and some cabins reproducing the cockpits of an Aermacchi MB339 (airplane used by the same Frecce Tricolori), an F16 (aircraft recently acquired by the Italian Air Force) and other airplanes. All these computers will be linked in a LAN to let all visitors have a try flying with the most modern flight simulators. This shelter is situated next to the static airplanes display which will be placed along the runway next to the Vip sector, at the middle of the airport, in the very heart of the event itself.

Inside the shelter, the PC's will be divided in areas according to the different kinds of flight simulators - from formation flight to aerobatics, from jets to liners - virtual pilots and instructors from VFG, VIAF and other virtual squadrons or communities will be available for the public for flying trials and information.

Gigantic screens will show the images from various PCs, films and exibitions of virtual aerobatic teams and solos. Various national and international virtual flying teams have been invited to participate to the G.A.V. 2005, according to their specialty, to extend and make this show more exciting. Everyting will be coordinated and managed by the Virtual Flying Group and VIAF.

The Virtual Flying Group and V.I.A.F communities, are not new in organizing such events in the virtual flying world. The Giornata Azzurra Virtuale 2005 will be the natural conclusion of a great year full of many events. Meetings, demonstrations and flights that will merge in the biggest Italian Airshow in the base of the pilots and the team that many belive the best aerobatic team of the world: the Frecce Tricolori.

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