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Condor In French Language

Last updated Sun, 08 Jul 2018 19:00:48 GMT
Originally posted on Sat, 13 Oct 2007 18:15:05 GMT

Thanks to the recent release of the Patch 12 for Condor the Competition Soaring Simulator, which brings multilingual support, French Condor enthusiasts joined up in a team to translate the user's manual and interface as well as the Flight School lessons into French.

Other translations in Czech, German, Hungarian, Russian and more are in the making.

Condor was released some time ago, and provides people with the chance to get the right kind of competition soaring experience without having to go out and take it on themselves! This simulator ticks all the boxes and has been gradually improving and developing further as time has gone on.

Their connection with various languages and cultures has ensured that Condor is now recognized across the globe as a hugely popular simulation tool that allows a very unique take on what flying can and should be like in this kind of environment.

Things like weather dynamics and the overall aircraft physics have been totally altered here to be taken into account far more as you fly, making it much more challenging to get the flight up and running in the first place! For a new flight simulation challenge that will feel a bit more realistic (if more difficult) this might be the one for you.

The challenges that you face here are totally different to the typical challenges that you may have grown used to facing in other simulators, too, making it easy for you to get into the swing of things with how these flights actually would feel.

Key Features

  • In this project, you’ll get a far more accurate form of flying – and this starts with the conditions of the world around you. Now, accurate conditions are presented for both towing and winch starts, making it a lot more varied than other simulators that are on the market

  • Sailplane damage simulation has been created to allow for things like G stress, fluttering and collisions to occur and to make sure that, if they do, your aircraft feels the weight of the damage that has been inflicted! As far as realism goes this is about as authentic as damage gets in a simulator

  • A whole new flight model has been provided, an 6D0F model, that makes sure that if you get yourself into a bit of trouble you will have an avenue to get yourself out!  Add in the fact that over 500 cycles per second occur in the physics engine, and you have something that not only looks great but it feels absolutely brilliant to be a part of, as well!

  • The weather model has been adjusted and absolutely transformed beyond all normal belief, ensuring that you will be able to enjoy the kind of intoxicating flight that will normally be very hard to find outside of FSX and the like!

  • Brand new localization for various languages, ensuring that those from locations such as Czech Republic, Germany, France, Hungary and Russia can take part in the official product. At the time of writing, new updates are being made for Polish, Dutch, Spanish and Slovakian – with more to come in the future!

If you want to try out a fresh avenue for flight simulation that is bit more unique than the usual ideas that you may be exhausted by, Condo is a good place to start for a new look at what simulation can be like through a different perspective. 

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