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FSweekend 2007 News

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Originally posted on Sat, 13 Oct 2007 18:20:02 GMT

Four weeks to go and we have al ready a great line up of more then 300 Participants. Again with a lot of hard /software and cockpit building companies to sell all there products. Great flightsim demonstrations from a lot of FSclubs and the internet ATC organizations.

FSWeekend has always been a massive event in the calendar for any sim fan, and being able to take part in something so enjoyable is something that everyone looks forward to. With more than 300 people taking part, 2007 was a massive success for competitor and spectator, creating a truly memorable experience that helped to really turn the tide in the popularity and growth of flight simulation ever since. The event was a really important part of the legacy of the event itself, though, creating the catalyst needed to really continue to take off and improve.

FSWeekend 2011

Like every other year, you had a range of different experts turning up and offering out their amazing wares and products to see what others thought. For example, you had;

The cockpit builders who were happy to show off their latest recreations but for the simulator and for using at home as a real-life built-in cockpit. These amazing designs are both quite vast or just a piece of software; it was in 2007 that you really started to see some of the more advanced tech start to come to life as we moved into another era of design

You also software suppliers and hardware gurus who were able to keep in the right mood for the next step on the ladder towards success. These experts were a must-have for many people as it ensured that, as time passed, people would get the help that they need throughout the event to get the help that they needed.

Another big part of the event, though, was the sim clubs who came along. The likes of FS Holland, FSCB, Skyplane and the Dutch Flight Network all took part. They made sure that people were able to get the help that they needed in settling down as well as making sure that there was more than enough talent on show in front of everyone else to make it obvious what was going on!

The best thing about the event, though, was a range of virtual airlines who had never been invited before. It made it nice for larger groups of pilots to come along as well for people who were back home being able to join up with their virtual colleagues during the event. It made for a hugely interesting and engaging event that was hard to forget about, making sure everyone blended in perfectly and had a splendid time.

As well as this, there was plenty of publications and magazines there taking in all of the press data and information. The range of people who came along to help the whole thing spark to life was outstanding, and it made sure that everyone could feel as comfortable as possible when they were enjoying the event. It just takes that extra time and patience, sometimes, to understand what these events can be about; in 2007, though, the introduction of so many unique changes and additions to the series made it nice and easy for people to remember. 

And now we have the FSweekend movie from last year to see what you can expect. Go to:

We hope to see you all at the greatest flightsim show on earth.

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