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HJG Wide-Body Website Update

Posted on Fri, 23 Jan 2015 13:59:41 GMT

The flight simulation community is one that is growing all the time, as those with different skills, experiences and passions enter the frame to start releasing new products all the time. For anyone who has used the flight simulation modding community before to find new updates and add-ons for their flight simulation experience, they’ll no doubt have noticed that there is a specific uptake on the amount of classic-based packages out there. 

For everyone who missed out on those old-school aircraft, there are now solutions there for you to use these aircraft in a virtual environment.

HJG Logo

One of the biggest proprietors of these classically based aircraft is the Historic Jetliners Group. Having provided free content to users of Microsoft Flight Simulator for quite some time, they work in tandem with Simviation to create high-end representations of some of the oldest aircraft ever.

They take you right back to the oldest civil aircraft that ever roamed the skies, and let you see first-hand just how different aviation is today than it was back in the day!  Just recently, the HJG decided to give their website a little update – and in doing so released many new product lines and updated many of their older projects to give everyone even more value for their time.

With around 90 brand-new files uploaded to their website, and costing nothing to use, you can really upgrade your flight experience by taking a little delve back in time. Thanks to these updates, you are now going to be able to properly fly some of the most amazing aircraft of the first era of aviation can be a truly exhilarating experience, so if this is something that you’ve always wanted to do there might never be a better way to do than with these packages.

The latest changes to the website have ensured that the design stays as fresh and as functional as it ever has been, with many of the new releases found under the ‘Downloads’ section.

Aside from providing some of the most enjoyable updates for the series to date, with everything from the Convair 880 to the Douglas DC-8 being caught in perfect detail, they also have many other nice little upgrades and packages. Extras like splash screens, new sound packages and even effects for use in the simulator to help add another touch of reality to proceedings are all present.

Some of the latest releases have incorporated a series of high-end textures that represent the B727-200 aircraft, when it was used by a series of European charter airlines in the 1990s. These are extremely rare and, as far as we know, have never been modelled anywhere in the flight simulation community.

Additionally, some awesome DC-8-50s that served in both the United States and the Caribbean have been added to the downloads section. These were used in the early 1960s, and have been recreated with every little detail intact. On top of this, you’ll get to use some of the lesser-known DC-9-30s that were used in both the 1970s and the 1990s, so if you are a real aviation buff you’ll find some really rare aircraft in here to use!

The L-1011 Tristar series have also been upgraded and improved. These have proven to be one of the well-received packages by the HJG so if you are looking to see what they are made of, this is a great place to get started. Man of the upgrades and smaller additions have taken place to improve the overall functionality and quality of many of the older releases by the team.

That’s not all that has been added in this latest “Wide Body” update, though!

You’ll also gain access to an entirely new wide-body aircraft that has never been taken on before. It comes with a staggering 40+ liveries, as it’s been used so regularly across the world and by different firms. It also comes with incredible high-quality sound packages and modelling. This aircraft was from the 1970s until recently, so if you want to try out some retro aircraft that will really catch the eye this is one of the best places to get started!

Joining the hugely popular virtual flight line released by the HJG that is comprised of so many different aircraft is an influx or custom panels, sounds and special effects to make the experience feel more real than ever. The B707, B720 B717-200, BAe 146-300, RJ-100 aircraft have all been included as well as the Caravelle, Concorde and MD80/90 series of jetliners.

In short, you’ll have even more to pick from than ever before on the HJG website. There’s a greater emphasis on variety with the latest update, so if you are looking to find something new that you haven’t seen before in the flight simulation community you might want to get started here!

If you want to take a look at the HJG website, all you need to do is check it out below at;

This gives you access to all of the extra features and updates that have been brought in by the Wide-Body package. Additionally, you’ll get access to all of the older features that have been on the website for quite some time so if it’s variety you need to find to make simulation fun again, you’ll find plenty of that with the latest update!

The latest update is supposed to be the first in a line of coming changes and improvements that we can expect to see coming in the near future, so if you find value here be sure to bookmark the HJG. They are always improving and partnering up with other development teams to create even better projects than ever before, so it’s well worth keeping on their website for the next big changes that might be coming.

Also, you can make a donation to the HJG directly to their website – this goes directly to Simviation, their hosts, who are one of the biggest names in the flight simulation community. 

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