X-Plane 9 Other Aircraft

A selection of other aircraft for X-Plane 9

Test Bench 920

This was initially conceived as a genuine 'test-plane' for the mighty R&D department at Laminar (Ben Supnik) but as the days passed it grew steadily more elaborate and twisted until finally assuming it's present form. It's seemed too much fun to not publish it, so I've smartened it up a bit and - here it is! It's a - thing to noodle around with for a bit. And it may be helpful if you're interested in finding out a bit more about manipulators and other new version 920 cockpit...

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DSB-36 'Showgirl'

The DSB-36 or Deep Space Bomber is the primary strike craft for S.A.C. in the year 2546 during the events in Interstellar Highway I've based the design on the three view drawing the author of the TBO series posted here, as well as the resulting discussion. this is the first aircraft I've felt was complete enough to release here. the earlier versions had problems including being nose heavy at speeds under 400 mph, I've solved this by adding a thin wing inside the main wing so that the...

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AV-14 UNSC Hornet

AV-14 UNSC Hornet for X-Plane v930 - by Ben "Mid7night" Harber __________________________________________________________ This is an update from early v9 to work with v930 and above. Changes from the original version are: - Adjusted artificial stability constants in both Heroic and Legendary models to work with version 9 - Changed rockets to missiles, firing individually - Modified artificial stability settings in the Legendary model to have better high-speed handling...

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