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Bornholm X - Add-on scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Bornholm X is a major update to Vidan Design's "Bornholm Airport X"-scenery which was released in April 2011. Highly detailed scenery of Bornholm Airport (EKRN, RNN) and the city of Rønne, situated on the Danish Baltic Sea island of Bornholm. Bornholm X features high resolution textures, photoreal ground terrain with season- and night variation (covering the airport and the city of Rønne), highly detailed models of all airport buildings with high resolution texture, custom modeled objects, airport vehicles and cars, custom made volumetric grass and other vegetation, custom modeled farming buildings, warehouses, residential buildings and much more. The airport has been recreated in extreme details and the scenery includes many high resolution textures (2048x2048 pixels) based on hundreds of photos taken on-site by Vidan Design and images kindly provided by the staff at Bornholm Airport. Bornholm X is designed to be used on a standard FSX Acceleration/SP2 installation with default FSX ground textures.

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This Bornholm X scenery package does a sensational job of making sure you are left with an add-on scenery package that makes a considered and noticeable change to the world around you. With this add-on scenery you get to see a major change to the old Vidan design Bornholm Airport X scenery package from 2011. With this addition, you get to see many other improvements to not just Bornholm Airport, but also to the wonderful city of Ronne, just found on the Danish Baltic Sea.

A small scenic town this makes it look delightful, with close attention to detail and realism throughout making sure you can see an airport that finally looks the way that it should. By utilizing seasonal ground textures as well as high resolution changes for both day and night, you’ll find that this take on Bornholm X makes sure you are left with the perfect looking scenery.

Taking into account everything from the length and style of the airport to the kind of architecture you see within the region, you’ll find that this goes as close to the real thing as you are likely to see. Custom designed farm buildings, warehouses, residential buildings and office areas all exist to give you a true appreciation of what a city can look like when managed by the right people in FSX and P3D parlance.

Photorealistic imagery is met with an intense level of design and realism to leave one of the most realistic and engaging takes on a piece of aviation scenery for some time. With this mod, you can finally see a part of the world changed and revamped that badly needed it. 

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