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Aircraft Collector's Second Edition Now Available

Last updated Sat, 03 Oct 2015 12:53:56 GMT
Originally posted on Fri, 18 Jan 2008 13:11:10 GMT

Aircraft Collector's Second Edition is the newest compilation of aircraft from Abacus. It includes 20 aircraft of all types for FSX and FS2004.

In this edition of the Aircraft Collector’s Second Edition, you are treated to a wide variety of brilliant aircraft created by Abacus. This makes it really easy to see the level of quality that sim developers can create for a very fair price, making it simple to fire up both FSX and FS2004 and try out some great, well designed aircraft.

Included aircraft

One thing that makes this so accessible is that it makes perfect sense to be used as a very first package for a newcomer to the series, or even for someone who just wants an excellent value package.

The various aircraft that are covered in this package are listed below, but you will be getting brilliant aircraft split into various categories such as;


These aircraft are the most common ones that we fly in flight simulators as they offer that size and bulk, with the class and modern style that makes flying so fun. If you want to jump into the cockpit of something like an Airbus A380 then you can do so with ease when using this package. It makes it nice and simple to get in there and try out the latest and greatest additions to modern aviation.

The aircraft that you gain access to are all well known for taking on regional and commercial flights and therefore come with that high end, exotic style that makes them so incredibly easy to fly and enjoyable to be in the cockpit of for the first time.

View the FSX Civil Jet Category here.

General Aircraft

This more general set will give you the basic style and the more simplistic flying nature that you may have even had the pleasure of flying yourself in real-life. Things like the Diamond DA-42 are provided in here as well as the Diamond Katana, giving you a nice little blend of aircraft that are simple and effective to fly without ever being too much of a challenge to keep right.

This style of aircraft will make it nice and simple to get into the swing of things when you get into the Abacus cockpits, created to match reality.

Visit the FSX General Aviation category here.


Military aircraft are always quite challenging to fly at first as they offer such a unique twist on the normal kind of aircraft, given their rapid pace and far more efficient speeds and turning capacity. Because of this, flying one can be a bit of a nightmare to begin with; but these modifications are made to make it as fun as possible whilst still representing a thoroughly enjoyable and authentic challenge to take on.

Visit the FSX Military category here.


Private aircraft are always the very limit of luxury, and here you will be getting access to things like the Cessna Citation X or the Maverick Leader to give you a real idea of just how powerful a jet can be in the right hands. These are slick, smooth and created to absolute precision so that you can get the genuine feeling of what being in control of something as powerful as this can be like. 

Visit the FSX Biz Jet category here.

Virtual cockpit

Aircraft included:

Commercial & Regional

  • Airbus A380
  • Bombardier CJR-900
  • Embraer 190
  • Fairchild-Dornier 328 Jet
  • Saab 340B
  • Bash-8 200
  • Beech 1900D

Corporate & Private

  • Pilatus PC-12
  • Adam 500
  • Cessna Citation Mustang
  • Cessna Citation X
  • Gulfstream III
  • Maverick Leader Jet
  • Raytheon Premier I
  • Safire Jet

General aviation

  • Diamond Katana
  • Diamond DA-42 Twin Star
  • Vans RV-6A


  • TBF Avenger
  • OH-58 Kiowa

​​More information over at the Abacus website.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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